About Us

Back in 2009 we started, trading as Best Q CNC. The Q stands for QUALITY. 2012 Saw the birth of CNC Dynamix (Pty) Ltd. The name changed but our passion for QUALITY did not.

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Why buy a CNC Dynamix Plasma Table?

We have included all the MUST-HAVES as standard and back our industrial machines with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind

Founder Owners of CNC Dynamix

Johan Roets

I have a National Diploma in Electronics Systems. Self employed since 1991. Founded and Co-founded several businesses in the Marketing, IT, Electronic Security and Manufacturing sectors.

Willem Roets

I joined the National Air Force in 1984. Qualified as an Instrument Technician working on various fighter aircraft. Left the Air Force in 1995 to enter a partnership in a manufacturing concern. Went on to start a new business in upmarket steelwork for the construction industry.

Our Story: How CNC Dynamix Was Born

(Written by Johan Roets)

My previous business was in the Electronic Security Industry. In 2006 we successfully tendered on a R1.8M contract with Impala Platinum to erect an electric fence of 2.4km. The brackets for the fence structure were to be manufactured with stainless steel.

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Due to the vast quantity the holes that had to be drilled Impala Platinum specified (as prerequisite of the tender) that these had to be done with a CNC Plasma machine. (Drilling would in any case not have been economically viable due to the time it would have taken.) 90% of the plasma cutting needs was cutting holes in the material. The total cost (back in 2006) of the cutting came to R57,000 with free issue material.

My brother (Willem) had his own business manufacturing upmarket steel products like balustrades for the construction industry. I approached him with the idea to build our own CNC Plasma cutting table. With extremely limited time due to the tender already awarded, we jumped in with the research. We worked almost day and night and with the help of a CNC hobbyist we got the CNC plasma cutting machine operational.

The next obstacle was to get the correct plasma power source and to make the integration work. After 3 different plasma power sources and only 4 weeks later we finally had success and was able to start the project within the required timeframe.

We enjoyed this project so much that we agreed that it will be a dream come true if we could one day start a business manufacturing CNC machines for people (businesses) who could benefit from these machines at an affordable price.

The first signs of the great recession started to show in 2006 when housing prices started to fall. Both my and Willem’s business mainly traded with the construction industry. My business’s turnover dropped by almost 47% and Willem’s business turnover dropped by almost 58%. Like most companies, we had to adapt to the situation and decided to follow our dream to manufacture CNC plasma cutting tables.

With the base laid with the first machine we started with in depth Research and Development as well as market research. We did this in parallel with running our existing businesses. In 2009 our hard work and long hours paid of and our dream came true when we sold our first CNC Plasma Table. The company traded as Best Quality CNC at first – In May 2012 CNC Dynamix (Pty) Ltd was registered.