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10 Years Huge Sale

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WP Range – Entry Level

CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Our workshop plasma table design was based on our industrial plasma range tables with the added benefit of low cost and still have a big punch.

The idea of these smaller reliable machines is to supply the smaller workshop owners with more control over their manufacturing process.

Modern plasma power sources deliver excellent cut qualities and in combination with this entry-level table give the same high-level quality as our SD range machines.

We offer a 12 Month Warranty on our workshop Plasma (WP) machines. (Terms and conditions apply)


  • Emergency Stop buttons – Operator console & Gantry
  • Physical limit switches on X&Y axes
  • Magnetic torch break-away

Smoke & Dust Control:

  • Water table captures up to 98% plasma dust

Machine Motion:

  • High precision linear rails on X&Y axes
  • Ball screw on Z axis
  • Rack and pinion on X & Y axes (dual on X axis)
  • Stepper motors with Gecko stepper drivers

Torch Height Control (THC):

  • Arc voltage torch height control

Computer Numeric Control (CNC):

  • UCCNC control software
  • Dedicated motion controler
  • Microsoft Win 10 64-bit operating system
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 18.5″ LCD display
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse




Usable Cutting Area


Fume Control

Drive System



Rapid Traverse Speed

Position Accuracy


Torch Height Control

Torch Protection


Work Pierce Alignment

CNC Unit

PC Based

Control Software





Supply Voltage

Power Consumption

Unitized Design

3100mm x 1877mm x 1173mm

3000mm x 1500mm

2520mm x 11350mm


Water Bath

Rack and pinion: Y-Axis, Dual on X-Axis

Hi precision linear rails

Stepper motors with Micro drives


± 0.1mm

± 0.05mm

Automatic; Arc voltage measurement

Magnetic break-away

E-Stop - Console, Limit switches on all Axes

Optional Extra (Built in laser point)

Under Table With Seperate Operator Console

Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit


Dedicated motion controller

Solid State Drive (SSD)

18.5" LCD

Wireless keyboard and mouse

220Vac 50Hz

620W Maximum

Note: Repeatability for cuttings systems such as Plasma  will vary depending on material type, material thickness, power level and consumable wear.