CAM Software

  • Based on the industry’s leading nesting technology
  • Begin nesting immediately – little or no training needed
  • Immediate material savings
  • Improve machine efficiency

Welcome Screen

Companion’s easy-to-use Wizard directs the user to:

  • Load an existing SigmaNEST file
  • Load a DXF file to nest

The user follows step-by-step directions with prompts on each screen. At any time the user can go back and edit any setting or part.

Part Management

DXF files can be quickly imported with the option to suppress layers (such as dimensions, title blocks, etc.). Additionally, Companion users have the flexibility to choose from nearly 200 standard shapes from the SigmaNEST library. After creating a parts list, parts can be deleted or edited according to a task’s unique requirements. Automatic nesting of all parts quickly gives users the most efficient layout, at a simple click of a mouse.

NC Simulate And Code

An accurate simulation of the cutting path is generated identifying lead-in / lead-out points. This provides users with information to determine if changes are needed to tasks or parts. When the user is satisfied industry standard G and M codes are automatically generated for part production.

Task Parameters

Users can customize task specifications including:

  • Material type
  • Sheet quantity, length, width, and thickness
  • Part clearance
  • Edge distance
  • Torch quantity and spacing
  • Machine type

Toolpath Creation

Users can customize the toolpath for each task by entering preferences for:

  • Block size
  • Sort method (typewriter or zigzag)
  • Path direction
  • Kerf in control or computer

Summary Report

After generating the NC code Companion creates a report summarizing the project. This detailed report includes charts and graphics of the nest layout while detailing the toolpath, sheet layout, and other specifications.

SigmaNest Companion is the industry’s most user-friendly software for CAD/CAM nesting.

The program’s wizard-based approach allows operators to create quality nests with little or no training.

Program functionality includes DXF import, TruShape nesting, automatic path generation, and NC code generation.

Documents Available for Download

SigmaNest Brochure