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The design of our Industrial range plasma tables was very carefully thought out. Design criteria was to have a product that is affordable, strong, basic, functional, user friendly and easy to maintain and repair.

We pride ourselves that our tables are uniquely designed from the ground up and not copied from any other manufacturers ideas. 

Product History:

Since our first machine was sold back in 2009, we have gained invaluable knowledge in the design of plasma cutting tables. 

Due to this, numerous improvements have been made over the years. We now truly have a highly reliable and robust machine.


To prove how confident we are with the quality and reliability of our industrial range plasma tables, we offer a 24 Month Warranty. (Terms and conditions apply)


Standard Features


  • Emergency Stop buttons – Operator console & Gantry
  • Physical limit switches on X&Y axes
  • Magnetic torch break-away

Smoke & Dust Control:

  • Water table captures up to 98% plasma dust

Machine Motion:

  • High precision linear rails on X&Y axes
  • Ball screw on Z axis
  • Rack and pinion on X & Y axes (dual on X axis)
  • Stepper motors with Gecko stepper drivers

Torch Height Control (THC):

  • Arc voltage torch height control

Computer Numeric Control (CNC):

  • UCCNC control software
  • Dedicated motion controler
  • Microsoft Win 10 64-bit operating system
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 18.5″ LCD display
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse

We manufacture 4 Standard size Plasma Cutting Tables according to the most common available plate sizes. Any custom size up to 13 x 3m can be manufactured.

SD2513 - Plate size up to 2500x1300mm

Specifications for SD2513 will be updated soon.

SD3015 - Plate size up to 3000x1500mm

SD4020 - Plate size up to 4000x2000mm

SD6225 - Plate size up to 6200x2500mm