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10 Years Huge Sale

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The Detroit Air DT Series refrigerated air-dryers produce a very stable air-drying solution by combining technology and quality.

PLC control allows for full protection against power fluctuations, motor overload, high or low gas pressures and freezing. The self-diagnosing PLC system enhances stability of the system, thereby enhancing service life.

All models come fitted with an electrical auto-drain for automatic water purging from the system.

The air dryers use 3-in1 plate coolers allows for a compact footprint and reduced manufacturing cost while offering increased cooling capacity and energy savings.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants, 134A and 407C, are used in line with international standards, and both meet high international standards for environmental protection.

Due to the DT Series dryers being sized up to 80m³ flow at pressures of up to 1.6MPa/16bar, they are suitable for small and large installation.

We mainly supply the DT Series Air Dryer units from Detroit Air Compressors.

  • PLC control for stable operation and control.
  • Full protection against voltage, current, temperature and low gas pressures.
  • Easy panel removal for cleaning.
  • Fitted with an auto-drain as standard.
  • Compact design with small footprint.
  • High-quality compressor motors used.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant used.
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